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"By the way, fantasy beings dwell on Earth in two forms: elves and gnomes. The gnome race is near extinction: the few remaining clans live in isolated pockets of pine forest—I can’t reveal exact locations. Elves live in cold regions. But to be accurate, fantasy beings by definition do not exist."
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"Santa is a hemophiliac; when he bleeds, his blood is a dark, thick red that fascinates me and makes me want to taste it. Do you drink blood, Viking? I imagine your chalice dedicated to that ceremony. What if an elf drank human blood? I have heard vampires drink blood and live at night. Pagan elves believe vampires are cursed elves doomed to eternal suffering."
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"If there is an elf in crisis, we take him to the Supreme Elf Counselor in order to determine whether or not he can be alleviated of his pains. Then an Elf Council votes on his right to end his own life. Catholic Elves dispute this, but suicide has traditionally been the most merciful way to end misery. Very few elves wish to kill themselves, however. Only the males are allowed to contemplate it."
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"Thank you for assuming elves are literate. Most elves are born with the ancient language already within them. We can read and write in our cribs: it is not uncommon for elders to converse at length with their babies on such topics as philosophy and math."
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