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"Picture motherfuckers of all ages and body types filling up on that damn spaghetti"
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"I used to wear muumuus when I weighed 300 lbs, and it was great. They were the only thing that made my body feel free and real."
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Welcome to Week 4 of What Would Twitter Do? in which ten of my favorite people on Twitter talk about their Twitter philosophies, their do’s and don’ts, and what they make of the medium in general. This week I speak with the poet Mira Gonzalez (@miragonz) who was born in 1992…

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"Dreamt that a bowl of soup in a movie had its own IMDB page."
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"Someone on RateMyProfessor said that I’m anal & disorganized. But isn’t that an accomplishment, in a way? How many can claim to be both?"
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"Feel willing to spend the next six months designing a context in which I can say “oh hush let me eat my sandwiches”"
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"Found my mom printed out her facebook profile, left it next to the printer"
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"remembered being 12 years old and wondering if jesus ever had acne"
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"feel interested in volunteering to have my body thrown into a black hole by nasa"
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