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"I don’t try to be funny, I just try to be honest and it turns out funny. I like to think about all the petty, vulgar, or dumb thoughts people have during a day. I feel like an hour of listening to the thoughts of someone alone in a bathroom will tell you more about a person than a 10,000 page biography."

Timothy Willis Sanders

interview I did at The Fanzine w/ Timothy Willis Sanders

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"Matt took off his boxer briefs and looked at his stomach in the mirror. He turned and looked at his buttocks. He looked at his back and scratched at the blemish. He watched dead skin collect around the blemish. He swept away the dead skin with his finger. He faced the mirror and thought, “You’re here. Just have fun.”"
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Love in the Time of Xanax and Nokia | VICE United States →


Blake Butler writing in Vice re Matt Meets Vik out August 25

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