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Tumblr presence of Muumuu House, a publisher of books & writing online & in print.

'newsfeed' archive (2009-11) from

'selected unpublished…' arrives!
vice debuts ‘boyle’s brains’
tim small interviews me
luuk reviews italian ‘ry’
fishkind visits audun
goodreads interviews megan boyle
full stop reviews ‘selected unpublished…’
xanax-ingesting koala surfaces
4chan publishes ‘richard yates’
'other people' interviews megan boyle
'you go girl'
gian interviews blake butler
'romantic rhetoric' re mdmafilms
'the current state of us indy lit'
'melancholia' via amazon
joe jagos directs new gidgetsparks
'tao lin store' reopens
beach sloth re megan boyle
'a giant cat poem'
'the new yorker' via james wood reviews ben lerner's 'leaving the atocha station'
sam pink posts sexy pics
'the world's first perfect zine'
tcdp interviews megan boyle
fishkind re berlin
'origins of the 6.5 and the 7.3' publishes justin taylor
htmlgiant posts boyle trailer
person reviews sfaa
person reviews ‘i will learn how…’
megan boyle releases ‘book trailer’
impose interviews megan boyle
motherboard interviews jon rafman
ken baumann re ‘nothing’
'watch pigeons to sleep'
megan boyle gets david lynch tattoo
wwbi re ‘selected unpublished blog posts…’
french ‘ry’ cover surfaces
'dj tao lin'
banango re ‘selected unpublished blog posts…’
altered zones posts guest post by me
pbp publishes ‘selected unpublished…’ excerpt
time reviews blake butler’s ‘nothing’
i interview stza
brad listi interviews blake butler
limn reviews ‘selected unpublished…’
'the basement review' interviews person w/ 'seems bleak' tattoo
tony o’neill completes euro tour
nfn re ‘selected unpublished…’
gian posts tweet selections
muumuu house posts ‘things i remember…’
wired re ‘italian “richard yates”’
'i think ive had an orgasim for 2 days'
boyle surfaces on formspring
person gets ‘seems bleak’ tattoo
werner herzog’s son re ‘richard yates’
metaliterature reviews ‘eee’
person reviews ‘is this really what you want?’
italian ‘ry’ cover surfaces
the tangential & the stanford daily re ‘selected unpublished blog…’
'kelly's krush corner: megan boyle'
[various] re pindeldyboz
revistaenie re hikikomori
decide boyle’s outfit re nylon
muumuu house posts ‘juliana’ by sam pink
htmlgiant/fishkind re ‘non-meta tweet’
nyo posts exact word-count re ~4600
'the basement review' re 'ry song'
'guinea pig' named xanax surfaces
~4600-word ‘the education of tao lin’
victor vazquez re ‘selected unpublished…’
'bill clegg on getting sober'
'selected unpublished…' garners 5-star rating
blake butler interviews mark leidner
'selected unpublished…' galleys arrive
mcsweeneys publishes bsg list
dierks unleashes ebook & 'collab' ebook
bookforum interviews ben lerner
matador reviews ‘selected unpublished…’
michelle tea blurbs ‘selected…
chinese ‘eeeee eee eeee’ surfaces
interview w/ ‘housewife’ on lsd
tc republishes ‘we will drink…’
muumuu house posts 50 lines from ‘selected…’
i interview ben lerner for ‘the believer’ (selected coverage: htmlgiant, poetry foundation)
'neutral facial expression' video surfaces
bookforum covers my fb status update
'masters of media' covers me
impose interviews blake butler
was ‘ry’ my 9/11 novel?
stinson releases magazine via mediafire
wsj reviews ‘leaving the atocha station’
~10% zoomed ‘selected unpublished blog posts of a mexican…’ surfaces
3rd ward interviews me
mustard-colored boyle surfaces
'nicki minaj speaks html'
muumuu house offers ‘back to school’ sale surfaces
noah cicero finishes blogging
odc illustrates ‘how to write “how to shit on lsd”’
'tunnels' diagram surfaces
spanish venue interviews me
@muumuuinterns surfaces
impose re ‘book deal’
sam pink publishes 2 new books
'selected unpublished…' excerpt surfaces
short film based on robbers & cancer surfaces
weatherhead interviews matthew rohrer
i review ben lerner for nylon
i recommend bonobo’s
jft translates pages from cbt
muumuu house distributes ‘back to school’ supplies for returning nyu students
zanoni reviews ‘richard yates’
jake cleland reviews ‘bebe zeva’
'ry' is #5 bestseller at argentinian store
muumuu house posts excerpt of ben lerner’s ‘leaving the atocha station’
annalemma interviews blake butler
person translates cbt poem into turkish
octopus art surfaces on person’s wall
jacket2 reviews ‘leaving the atocha station’
el pais interviews me
'vintage “book deal” week-in-review'
[french site w/ ~116,500 followers on twitter] covers mdmafilms
muumuu house posts ‘selected unpublished blog posts of a mexican…’ cover
nwn re ‘small crowd gathers…’
'small crowd gathers…' enters production
observer coverage elicits sarcastic tweet
critique m. & stacey t. review ‘a million bears’
person ‘[doesn’t] get it’
dierks visits mexico
rc2 features my art on its cover
ben b. paypals ~$500 to 'celeb' vintage deal
motherboard interviews me re ‘small crowd gathers to watch me cry’
nyobserver interviews me re third novel
'small doggies' reviews 'richard yates'
'tragic international news'
'how to survive a car accident'
maud newton links scallops profile
person suggests dakota fanning pseudonym
lorentzen publishes ‘london dispatch’
'the best worst writer of our time'
indiewire re mdmafilms
'notes for teaching…eeeee eee eeee'
nyobserver reports on my third novel
'the awl' links my tumblr
spanish venue profiles me
'the morning news' profiles muumuu house
'ry' surfaces on
reddit re clegg representation
my banana art surfaces in spain
'is tao legit now?'
'three-pronged' interview surfaces
bidding for my 3rd novel reaches $100 million
'european “powered by codeine” tour'
victoria trott creates formspring account
'eeeee eee eeee' receives positive review
bilingual-interview video surfaces
abc (spain) interviews me
blake butler compiles ‘glimmer train’ info
frere-jones ‘expected footballs, not bars’
vice interviews miranda july
blake butler re ‘american psycho’
filmmaker magazine re mdmafilms
koko makes an appearance at htmlgiant
scientists at yale encourage me to answer questions about tramadol/wu-tang
tropical ‘muumuu house’-system develops over the warm waters of htmlgiant
muumuu house publishes 2 poems by bsg
ed rants interviews miranda july
lhb publishes blake butler playlist
@bsg_unedited joins @boyleunedited/@tao_linunedited
megan boyle congratulates bsg via gif
jordan castro bonds with father
jordan castro posts dick-ripping account
cappadonna opts to be homeless
'ry' inspires healthier diet & exercise
nicholas rombes interviews megan boyle
the dualies release free ep
release date of ‘selected unpublished blog posts of a mexican…’ changes
essay quotes jed from ‘bed’
'a guide to internet hipster writers'
frank hinton creates ‘d-rpa’ museum
hfr interviews sam pink
bsg answers ‘where is the gay muumuu writer?’
spanish ‘ry’ receives review i was unable to discern as ‘damning’ or positive after reading it via google translate
ramshackle glory releases cd on bandcamp
'eee' receives mushrooms-oriented review
drew toal reviews bebe zeva & mumblecore
blake butler posts ‘22 things…’
monkeybicycle interviews noah cicero
refinery29 interviews bebe zeva
french site writes about me
'harry potter 7 part 2' livetweet fails
mb/tl livetweet ‘harry potter 7 part 2’
blake butler posts submissions record
website republishes ‘an account…ambien’
megan boyle livetweets 3-day/39-hour ‘landmark forum’/self-help seminar
muumuu house posts ‘kary’ by mallory whitten’
frank hinton livetweets ‘today & tomorrow’
nyobserver & poetry foundation cover christwire’s mumblecore coverage
starcherone releases ‘30 under 30’
bsg re writer vs. ‘writer’
'achttienjarige modeblogster krijgt' re bebe zeva
jake beck livetweets mumblecore
megan boyle’s mother reviews mumblecore
dierks publishes ‘pictures of sad tweens’
megan boyle defeats bsg/koko re ‘quest to 1k’
boyle-lin sex-tape remains private
blackbook/'daily mail'/racked/'seattle times'/nymag/'oh no they didn't!'/'grazia fashion' re bbzv
'wwaatd' interviews gian re twitter
'second life' film receives funding
noah cicero posts novel on blog
megan boyle debuts new outfit
mumblecore receives 5-star rating
weatherhead interviews fishkind
'sometimes my heart pushes my ribs' excerpt 'goes viral' to some degree
person actualizes poem from ‘you are a little…’
nytimes profiles bebe zeva
frank hinton livetweets ‘mumblecore’
htmlgiant covers ‘penis-ripping’ gimmick
'fuck yeah fuck tao lin' tumblr surfaces
j.c. ‘goes viral’ via ‘penis ripping’ gimmick
htmlgiant post discusses ‘muumuu-style’
dennis cooper comments on dierks/ps
hulu posts ‘a married couple’
mallory whitten creates a formspring
gidgetsparks releases lobster-related track
person package shit-talks sfaa/’sfaa movie’
my art appears on ‘the zax’ album-cover
person reads from cbt
ellen kennedy garners fruits/vegetables via ‘muumuu house royalty-check’ 2
reddit discusses gian texts
mdmafilms offers mumblecore ‘review copies’
'we who…' interviews me re twitter
person reviews ‘eeeee eee eeee’ & sfaa
vice publishes gian & i’s text-messages
'huffington post' interviews me
sfaa movie releases new trailer
'poetry foundation' covers sfaa movie
person reviews story from ‘bed’
person views hamster as ‘smiley face with feet’
david fishkind interviews victoria trott
muumuu house publishes ‘selections from blake butler’s twitter account
aurist livetweets lil b’s ‘i’m gay’
'today & tomorrow' gif surfaces
noah cicero interviews christopher higgs
person reviews sfaa
person illustrates story from ‘bed’ & part of ‘eee’
mumblecore dvds arrive
ny observer updates 2nd frizzelle post
person reviews mumblecore trailer
dierks compiles ‘selected work’
htmlgiant compiles screenshots
hinton offers therapy via twitter
mb/tl livetweet ‘season of the witch’ & 'eternal sunshine'
ny observer updates frizzelle post
culturamas reviews ‘richard yates’
frizzelle attempts ‘richard yates’ discussion
nylon covers pop serial
'10 foods for depressed people'
beach sloth re mumblecore
critique manque reviews ‘best behavior
mb/tl livetweet ‘page one: inside the nytimes’ (view ‘all’)
jc/mw/mb/tl livetweet x-men (view ‘all’)
person reviews sfaa
david miller interviews noah cicero
metazen publishes mallory whitten
ps2 website surfaces
'trailer 2' re mumblecore surfaces
james yeh re ‘spontaneous society’
jordan fish directs das racist video
prize-winning hamster surfaces in brazil
'jon cotner's spontaneous society'
dierks creates gigantic blog post
'the hipster book club' reviews t&t
mallory illustrates bsg piece
chen creates complicated-seeming chart
'the schopenhauer blog' surfaces
art usage-plan surfaces
person reviews sfaa
frank hinton answers tully ?s
boyle appears repeatedly on person’s tumblr
roggenbuck creates ‘pop serial’ site
first chapter of ‘person’ surfaces
matt nelson re ‘the end of mumblecore’
victoria trott goes viral, to some degree, via youtube comment
bsg re ‘what your favorite author…’
koko inspires haiku/twitter contest
person compares ‘ry’ to car manual
tribal area interviews fat mike
rachel zeva re bed/sfaa/ry
person ‘[doesn’t] get it’
xanax logo surfaces
mallory whitten creates stuffed otter
pat the bunny starts new band
werner herzog appearance surfaces
'epic fat mike interview…'
beach sloth profiles std
muumuu house publishes ‘james franco’
noah cicero interviews ofelia hunt
impose re megan boyle
person sells my things on ebay
mexican interviews me
vice germany publishes ‘justin bieber…lsd’
christopher frizzelle massages miranda july
australian thing discusses me
person blogs w/o adderall
'disturbing raw footage…' surfaces
'treatment of childhood schizophrenia…'
'the cute show' re alpacas
fictionaut interviews giancarlo ditrapano
italian magazine interviews stinson
justin bieber wears lsd shirt
'i'm having problems with the internet'
boyle posts controversial lookbook look
australian thing related to me surfaces
mallory whitten illustrates boyle story
roxane gay interviews blake butler
my interns ‘don’t like’ me, haven’t read my ‘“books,”’ seek replacements
video of koko speaking fluently surfaces
bebe zeva posts 31x pic
mallory whitten illustrates weatherhead story
'notes on going to hollywood'
philolzophy creates ‘karma balancing’ thing re megan boyle (last item)
reddit re 2,000,000mg xanax
site re miranda july’s ‘the future’ surfaces
sam lipsyte gains hbo deal
weatherhead covers borders closure
muumuu house posts weatherhead’s ‘bret easton ellis’ first novel’
contest re ‘there is no year’ surfaces
htmlgiant posts ‘trailer 1’ re mumblecore
edward champion interviews daniel clowes
dierks reviews hinton
hinton reviews ‘…2,000,000mg xanax…’
mdmafilms releases ‘trailer 1’ re mumblecore
the rumpus interviews noah cicero
mhp releases chiem/carette ebook
liferegenerator vlogs w/ eyes closed
chris killen reads 7x haiku
jesse pearson creates blog
pirooz posts sfaa-movie pics
roggenbuck re ‘memeplex’
national post profiles chester brown
person blogs re me/unabomber
stephen elliott is directing a movie starring james franco & heather graham
bsg reveals his 4 outfits
'the deformed-looking asian girl'
xanax-rub theory surfaces
interns complete a task
'the milan review' surfaces on htmlgiant
roggenbuck ponders ‘am i even a poet anymore?’
tully backlash occurs
j. castro nonsequiturly humps man’s leg
4chan discusses ‘the alt report’ coverage
'the alt report' covers ebay auction
megan boyle novelizes ‘cave of forgotten…’
'problems unique to long-term relationships'
'elka reads' interviews giancarlo ditrapano
ani smith reviews sam pink
soberingly gritty lookbook look surfaces
random-ass items surface on ebay
jacket2 interviews me
chen publishes ‘canonical literature’ poem
scott eder gallery features jeffrey brown
30,000mg adderall surfaces
reddit re ‘everyone i’ve had sex with’
alicia larosa interviews ofelia hunt
charles r. johnson information surfaces
werner herzog information surfaces
jimmy chen creates $90k ‘piece’
additional interns surface
lorentzen diagram surfaces
'kindergartaolin' surfaces on twitter
josh spilker interviews noah cicero
raw vegans idly vlog re alcohol
morning glory video surfaces
4chan re ‘is tao lin a meme’
my interns recruit more interns
cryptic essays on my books surface
blip magazine welcomes submissions
n+1 interns welcome tao lin interns
dierks publishes large blog-post
'radioactive moat' interviews fishkind
'ugly gondolier poem' surfaces
7505-word/’damning’ review of sfaa surfaces
mallory whitten publishes giant account
32-year-old too old to ‘get’ ry
still from next david lynch movie surfaces
mallory whitten draws bsg
don swaim interviews john barth 1991
don swaim interviews john barth 1982
'the ohioans' release 'jawbreaker'
'tao lin at 88' surfaces on twitter
roggenbuck offers blog-design services
elijah excerpt ‘goes viral, to some degree’
jimmy chen writes meta-contextual piece
person hopes i’m targeted next
bsg surfaces in ‘second life’ film
laura tharp reviews new stacey levine
mal whit photographs lil b
guardian cardiff interviews chris killen
wyatt williams profiles blake butler
ofelia hunt’s 1st novel surfaces re preorder
barbaric document reviews ‘best behavior
tim small creates ‘the milan review’
lorentzen re amis
hyperion publishes ‘james purdy’ issue
lorentzen receives self-cloning request
stoya reviews ‘there is no year’
noah cicero releases book trailer
chiem reviews ‘mdma’
david shapiro re craigslist heroin-dealer
sfaa movie resurfaces on indiegogo
tc publishes ‘how to be alone’
spanish esquire reviews ‘richard yates’
weatherhead asks hug ?s
jc releases ep
celebrity sentry reviews ‘richard yates’
jimmy chen reveals opinion re at&t
roggenbuck re rollercoaster day 2011
noah cicero lectures re philosophy
clancy martin receives guggenheim
a-hump releases ‘franz otto’ documentary
ben lerner wins german prize
luna miguel translates ellen kennedy
lydia davis publishes chapbook re cows
bill clegg & darin strauss talk to e/o
critique manque reviews ps2
natt&dag interviews me
p.s. eliot releases ‘sadie’
htmlgiant creates ‘book klub’
scott mcclanahan releases ‘stories v’
someone’s son is ‘really taken’ by me
person blogs re ‘i hate myself’/eee
victoria trott channels moses
mtv blogs re bebe/tavi
nic rad reviews ‘bebe zeva’
zac zellers reviews ‘bebe zeva’
maria bustillo re dfw
brea souders photographs me
bsg conveys ‘how to approach 30’
'la razon' reviews 'spanish “ry”'
elle blogs re bebe/tavi
kelley hoffman covers bebe zeva
the rumpus interviews megan boyle re ‘bebe’
vice covers ‘bebe zeva’ premier
bebe zeva blogs re megan boyle
gizmodo publishes megan boyle
bebe zeva relates ‘how to be twee’
'spanish “richard yates”' receives 1-star review
edward champion interviews deb olin unferth
'spanish “ry”' spawns spanish shitstorm
oscar arias reviews ‘bebe zeva’
bfc interviews joe swanberg
ufr interviews jordan castro
nylon interviews bebe zeva
que pasa profiles tao lin
kacper jarecki creates ‘rainbows for libraries’
fence releases ‘a best of fence’
3x ‘excerpt re “bebe zeva”’ surfaces
megan boyle saves someone from police
nyu local covers ‘bebe zeva’ premier
wsn covers ‘bebe zeva’ premier
'the human war' trailer surfaces
dvds re ‘bebe zeva’ arrive
spencer madsen writes poem re maw
megan boyle covers ‘most depressing wifi…’
cover re ‘spanish ry’ surfaces
jennifer moore publishes essay re c-bt/’you are a little bit happier than i am’
htmlgiant publishes ‘three types of language…’
'bebe zeva' will premier at 'soho house'
footage of megan boyle surfaces
vice (spain) interviews me
bebe zeva reveals outfit from ‘bebe zeva’
autostraddle publishes ‘poems i like’
noon releases 2011 issue
'elle' (spain) reviews 'richard yates'
ny observer profiles blake butler & htmlgiant
noah cicero blogs about something
noah cicero’s ‘best behavior’ becomes available
lorentzen covers his entourage
a blog interviews me
megan boyle covers ‘shitstorm arnold’
thumbscrews press releases ‘cute’
'rick magazine' becomes 'blip magazine'
muumuu house publishes ‘little rock’
jft translates some of ‘c-bt’ to spanish
bsg ‘[remembers] shitstorm alberto’
htmlgiant publishes essay re ‘muumuu house’
kickstarter page re ‘sfaa movie’ surfaces
kacper jarecki releases ‘pain & suffering’
megan boyle reveals ‘hi’ on lookbook
tao lin reveals ‘buy my books’ on lookbook
bsg publishes ‘what kind of disapproving commenter do you want to be today?’
jimmy chen performs ‘stinson effect’
megan boyle debuts on lookbook
jordon castro releases ‘the atlantic wire’
nyu local interviews mdmafilms
tc publishes ‘how to write “how to shit on lsd”’
mallory whitten surfaces re lookbook
.5x ‘matthew rohrer reading’ surfaces
bebe zeva cast in ‘sfaa’ movie
flaunt profiles me
dierks reviews sam pink’s ‘person’
stephen elliott interviews david cianfrance
norwegian ‘sfaa’ design surfaces
guardian covers ‘naming techniques’ re fiction
lorentzen channels james franco
'trailer 2' re 'bebe zeva' surfaces
person critiques own ‘shit-talking’
twitter account re movie re ‘shoplifting from american apparel’ surfaces
tc publishes ‘everyone i’ve fallen in love with’
bsg publishes ‘giant account’ re relationship w/ gf
'the 405' releases 'catchy…' mixtape
'hhr' publishes solicitation rejection email
'mdma (20 jan 2011)' dvds arrive
muumuu h. publishes ‘extremely high in dark ass room’
deb olin unferth relates writing history 1987-2011 
director of ‘eee: the movie’ announces new movie
'socially-alienated couple' liveblog awp
byt interviews me
audrey allendale interviews jordan castro
jon washington-directed ‘muumuu house (dvd)’ surfaces
muumuu house creates a tumblr & reveals the real cover of ‘selected unpublished blog posts of a mexican panda express employee’
'the miscellany news' reviews 'richard yates'
'trailer 1' re 'bebe zeva' surfaces
bsg publishes a ‘choose your own adventure’
'sylvia plath' photograph surfaces
muumuu house publishes ‘things i remember my great-grandparents doing’
'alternate angle' re sf-reading surfaces
publisher of spanish ‘ry’ releases [something]
jordan castro releases ‘animal sounds’
justin d. taylor discusses mdmafilms in ‘l mag’
british website interviews noah cicero
'model mayhem' discusses 'how to be considerate…'
'sweet ass big dreams' reviews 'richard yates'
weatherhead asks question re schopenhauer/obesity
megan boyle reveals ‘top ten things to imagine to happening to nicolas cage…’
mexican magazine reviews ‘sfaa’
bsg reveals ‘10 cliches [re] relationship & sex…’
victoria trott creates fashion blog
'guest of a guest' covers ny observer coverage
'l mag' covers ny observer coverage

chris killen reveals ‘how to make money online’
dierks reviews ‘richard yates’
ny observer covers marriage
carles covers marriage
bsg liveblogs marriage information
sight unseen interviews alex lin
megan boyle covers nicolas cage’s ‘lost movie roles’
dvd titled ‘muumuu house’ directed/edited by jon washington surfaces re preorder
'el pais' references 'top 10 worst fruits to get blowjobs from' in article lede
'sfaa' receives 4-star review
regator includes ‘thought catalog’ re ‘top 50 blogs’
weatherhead interviews michael earl craig
noah cicero interviews kendra grant malone
nathan ihara reviews ‘ry’ via ‘decision points’
seventeen features bebe zeva
bsg responds to commenter
luna miguel translates poem by megan boyle
zachary schomburg interviews michael earl craig
'eee'/'sfaa'/bed become available re kindle
'some moths' interviews bebe zeva
'the modern review' reviews 'eee'
philolzophy responds re [something] on formspring
hro creates ‘topics’ section
'ry' receives 'don't trust the haters' review
chris killen publishes ‘end of year review’
person writes ‘internal memo: christian lorentzen’
jordan castro covers john k. samson
leigh alexander explains interest in tao lin’s writing
'smhpmr' receives 4-star review on amazon
fishkind blogs re ‘some books [he] read in 2010’
person posts face w/ 2x ‘tao lin book’ on 4chan
person blogs re [something re art/fame]
lrb says gwb’s prose style reminiscent of tao lin
roggenbuck releases ‘trailer’ re ‘pop serial 2’
gene morgan creates ‘dethcicle’
mdmafilms releases ‘green smoothie’
bsg garners 5-star review on amazon
weatherhead becomes htmlgiant contributor
'scary detail' surfaces in author photo
'alone publishing' publishes taiwanese 'eee'
'scary detail' surfaces in author photo
reindeer regularly eat ‘magic mushrooms’
gordon lish discusses tao lin & justin taylor
spd reveals ‘30%-off re bestsellers’ sale
mdmafilms reveals ‘new release dates’
'raw family' releases 'green smoothies' app
melville house blogs re ‘richard yates’
humphreys directs ‘the stinson effect’
thought catalog publishes ‘how to make friends…’
salon posts ‘favorite books of 2010’ list
popmatters posts ‘richard yates’ thoughts
nyu local’s gift guide includes ‘richard yates’
'selected unpublished blog posts of a mexican panda express employee' cover surfaces
thought catalog publishes ‘lies i have told’
jezebel analyzes bsg
lorentzen tweets congratulatory tweet
mdmafilms releases ‘hot-water fiending’
'tao lin art' surfaces via 'mike topp bookcover'
muumuu house publishes ‘unpublished tweets’
person who’s read tao lin’s books 16 times ‘[hates him & his work] further with each reading’
cover re ‘bebe zeva’ surfaces
silliman blogs ‘sad but oddly beautiful’ re ‘ry’
tc covers mdmafilms screening/q&a
mdmafilms creates twitter account
imboycrazy features tao lin
daniel b roberts’ mom reviews ‘richard yates’
3:am publishes ‘distinctly non-damning’ review re ‘richard yates’
bill clegg reviews ‘richard yates’
fecal face publishes tuna/tree art
tracy brannstrom creates etsy store
yeh-dean conversation idly surfaces
kate waldman profiles ann beattie
dierks reviews ‘orange juice’
'l mag' interviews mdmafilms
muumuu house publishes ‘person’ excerpt
jordan castro surfaces via group interview
person tweets re ‘touching [his] “balls”’
'swill children' publishes yeh's '9/16/10'
'dream drunk' releases album containing excerpt re 'eeeee eee eeee'
mdmafilms discussion surfaces on reddit
french website says ‘[t]ao [l]in…jeune [n]ew [y]orkais d’origine taïwanaise…
a-hump attends ‘eee: the movie’ premier
nymag says ‘[t]ao [l]in has to live in his ‘fridge’
bsg reveals ‘how to become unsatisfied with your long-term relationship’
dierks enables comments
laniea releases quotes re 5-year-old
simon & schuster rejects hitler via twitter
b. phoenix publishes factually inaccurate article
french [something] publishes something re ‘tao lin’
'raw matt' releases free 'dominant health' guide
lisa hanawalt creates ‘a tumblr’
trailer re documentary re kostabi surfaces
james yeh interviews sam pink
megan boyle releases ‘guide to vague relationships’
'guest of a guest' interviews 'tao lin'
dierks covers ‘emerging trend [re] ms paint…’
lesley arfin interviews gavin mcinnes
'vancouver is awesome' interviews 'a-hump'
person votes ‘tao lin’ re ‘controller’ re government
andrew weatherhead reveals ‘what [he] did the last four halloweens’
'tao lin + urkel hybrid' costume surfaces
david nutt ranks drugs re ‘harm’
sam pink releases novel titled ‘person’
'halloween contest' includes ‘“tao lin” costume'
muumuu house publishes mallory whitten
butt interviews dennis cooper
nymag ‘idly “shit-talks”’ tao lin within a tv recap
'eee: the movie' achieves 'film festival success'
ryan o’connell interviews james franco
bleak tweet ‘“goes viral,” to some degree’
person blogs about something
bsg publishes piece titled ‘steak ass bitches, milking titties and bleak ass hos’
person creates an ‘i am a cheese beast’ [thing]
gaze publishes ‘2x comic’ by mallory whitten
'london review of books' creates 'tao lin'/'jack kerouac' comparison
person utilizes parents re ‘richard yates’
carl wilson covers ‘type books’ reading
ally fleming covers ‘drawn & quarterly’ reading
'pop serial 2' surfaces on kickstarter
muumuu house’s plans re 2011/2012 surface on tumblr auxiliarily via dierks/canada
j. chen conveys ‘unsolicited explanation [re] grill’
nathan ihara corresponds w/ ‘nadar’
'spilt milk' records catchy/emotional/dual-vocaled song w/ lyrics from 'richard yates'
future shipwreck interviews tao lin re art
functional art surfaces on tumblr
italy’s saggiatore buys ‘richard yates’
metafilter creates ‘another’ ‘tao lin thread’
bsg’s ‘during my…’ receives ‘another’ 5-star review
d&q creates promotional poster re ‘tao lin reading’
nyo covers ‘pulitzer submission’ re ‘richard yates’
mara lafontaine covers ‘hipster panel’/hipsters
guest of a guest covers ‘hipster panel’
village voice (via tess lynch) covers ‘hipster panel’
tess lynch covers own coverage re ‘hipster panel’
christian lorentzen says ‘[t]ao [l]in quietly dominated [the “hipster panel”]’
p. mercury covers ‘hipster panel’ coverage
gawker links ‘hipster panel’ coverage
l.a. times covers ucla’s ‘hipster panel’
'the awl' covers ucla's 'hipster panel'
eye weekly covers ‘hipster panel’ saying ‘[tao lin] sucks at fiction…is king of the internet’
'the rumpus' reviews tao lin's 'cooking the books w/ emily gould' appearance
'tc' syndicates 'everyone i've had sex with'
christian lorentzen creates youtube account featuring readings of [people on ucla panel]
'colorado review' reviews 'sfaa'
muumuu house publishes bsg’s ‘all the drugs…’
mallory ann whitten publishes 4-panel comic
'cognitive-behavioral therapy' 'back in stock' (re amazon) after ~1.5-month 'hiatus'
elissa bassist covers lorrie moore
jordan castro appears on television
james franco options ‘the adderall diaries’
david quigg re charles bock
borders shelves ‘ry’ w/ ‘ry’ byline
bebe ‘reveals all, to some degree’ re carles/hro
person refers to ‘richard yates’ as ‘somehow a total page-turner (despite having no plot)’
thad higa covers ‘tao lin’s “elliott bay” reading’
kelley hoffman reveals ‘every social network [she has] ever joined…’
alison h. covers ‘tao lin’s “reading frenzy” reading’
bsg reviews ‘the social network’
excerpt re ‘novel by ben lerner’ surfaces
'tao lin's wikipedia page' continues to be ravaged by a mostly unopposed 'jimsteele9999'
bryan lee o’malley expresses experience of [something like ‘confusion’ maybe]
audio of ‘tao lin “tanking” at elliott bay’ surfaces
'ny observer' creates 11-item 'tao lin slideshow'
noah posts update re ‘the human war’ movie
dierks reviews prathna lor’s ventriloquism
emily gould interviews jonathan franzen
nytimes magazine publishes article re kafka
new ‘tao lin’ description surfaces on gawker
human relates to hamster
scrambler publishes kgm/savoca
bsg relates experience re ‘blogosphere’
'roggenbuck internet-museum of modern art' displays 3x 'tao lin “piece”'
'large israeli news portal' interviews me
jordan castro creates music video re ‘fucked reality’ by ‘choking victim’
noah cicero publishes account re ‘dit fest’
'tc' publishes 'how i became a social media millionaire in one week'
'l mag' uses phrase 'nihilistic marketing strategist'
noah cicero blogs re hipsters
tumblr entitled ‘beethoven: the movie’ surfaces
trailer re ‘eeeee eee eeee: the movie’ surfaces
bsg releases new installment re ‘the week’s internet shit talking in review’
'the gay stepdad' surfaces on gay man's arm
leigh alexander reviews ‘ry’ for
dierks reviews ‘smhpmr’
muumuu house publishes ‘selections from [jc]’s twitter account’ via ‘maw’
bsg reviews 5x ‘serial killer’
justin taylor unveils ‘tattoo book’ trailer
kmart realism graffiti surfaces on internet
'mtv asia' vj lists tina fey, miranda july, tao lin as 'inspirational people'
vaguely disparaging tweet receives 2x retweet
michael earl craig ‘guest tweets’ re harriet
fantagraphics publishes stephen dixon
hulu publishes ‘wah do dem’
dierks reads ‘pan’
tokyo newspaper syndicates ap article
weatherhead attends wnba game
julia wertz blogs re new book
bust reviews ‘coming & crying’
jeffrey brown interviews david bazan
person gives cat toy 1-star on amazon
'sex story' incites 'jimmy chen erection'
'hipster book club' reviews 'sometimes my heart pushes my ribs'
jordan gillespie interviews bsg
booka reveals ‘serbian e.e.e.’ cover
greg gerke interviews lydia davis
nathan c. martin interviews amy hempel
modular posts 52-minute ‘mixtape’
new column entitled ‘the week’s internet shit talking in review’ debuts via ‘thought catalog’
~63-minute ‘bret easton ellis’ video surfaces
rick magazine solicits october issue
'prr' publishes essay re obesity/food/mp3s
nyo profiles financial-district vegan restaurant
koko uses blanket to gain & eat ‘a cherry’
3:am interviews audun mortensen
molly young cast in ‘sleigh bells’ video
'street boners & tv carnage' interviews noah cicero
mallicoat publishes essay re ‘n. facial expression’
lesley arfin publishes part 1 re ‘…boyfriends…chronological…’
'girl-on-girl'/news/culture site publishes 'selected tweets'/'tweet retrospective' re tao lin
leigh alexander ‘navigates’ ‘formspring shit-talker’
kevin biggers reviews ‘pop serial #1
pbs retweets bsg ‘piece’
stephen elliott says things re ‘ry’/’nytimes’
autostraddle monetizes ‘tao lin’s twitter account’
rare form of ‘rhetoric-less, infinite-regression-oriented shitstorm’ surfaces via twitter/tumblr
frederick barthelme introduces ‘rick magazine’
roggenbuck reviews ‘sometimes my heart…’
larmee announces new comics publisher
'rain above' releases free computerization album
muumuu house publishes ‘four times i’ve interacted with justin taylor in real life’
maud newton tweets ‘[something re tao lin]’
person creates/displays ‘ry’ ad on their own volition featuring ‘hjo’/[unknown female]
tc publishes leigh alexander re ‘gaming consoles’
bsg interviews blake butler re ‘networking’
meaghan asks question re ‘reality tv show’
tc publishes jimmy chen
mcsweeney’s publishes audun mortensen
dierks reviews ‘bed’
tc publishes ‘the pros and cons of facebook’
jordan castro creates music video starring megan boyle, mallory whitten, weatherhead, me, him
dennis cooper’s blog hosts ‘tony o’neill’ day
atomic books sells books via kickstarter
person blogs re ‘king of kong’
person who interviewed me for rates ‘richard yates’ 1-star via goodreads
'orlando sentinel' references coneheads re 'ry'
twitpic leaks cover re audun mortensen’s ‘roman’
observer references noah cicero’s ‘the human war’
maureen tkacik profiles sara & clare bronfman
alec niedenthal interviews erin hosier
bsg completes 4-part ‘drug compendium’
prathna lor releases his first print book
'the well-read wife' recommends 'sfaa'
tao lin interviews tao lin
impose interviews tao lin
adam wilson reviews dennis cooper via blackbook
'raw matt' discusses 'the food pyramid'
sam pink ‘unleases’/’unveils’ 2x ‘new book’
htmlgiant hosts auxiliary contest re ‘3x contest’
ruth tobias interviews matthew rohrer
erik stinson rereleases ‘sorry i like to party’
'electric literature' publishes joy williams
'city magazine' covers serbian 'eeeee eee eeee'
tc publishes ‘month in review’ re july
william keckler blogs re ‘contest entries’/[other]
nytimes magazine publishes mattathias schwartz
mike tyson becomes a vegan
business insider profiles noah kalina
'lux than zero' interviews emily gould
tc publishes weatherhead re inception & jenn pelly re ‘best coast’ & interviews bebe zeva
person compiles ‘top 5’ comments re ‘an account of being arrested…’
tc publishes ‘part 2’ of bsg’s ‘drug article’
small/medium-small ‘shitstorm’ develops within ‘very large’ ‘shitstorm’ on gawker
'autism reference' idly surfaces on gawker
jordan castro ‘sings’ excerpt re ‘richard yates’
dennis cooper compiles thomas bernhard info
traumawien publishes audun mortensen book
chronicle releases book re mcsweeney’s
'eeeee eee eeee: the movie' nears completion
'upside-down cross' surfaces on peaches geldof
mississippi review becomes ‘rick magazine’
tc publishes profile of ‘factory-farmed hamster’
tc publishes part 1/4 of ‘drug article’ by bsg
tc publishes profile of ‘unableham[ster]’
free ‘ry’ stickers surface on tumblr
isreads publishes haiku by chris killen
person wants to make documentary re ‘bomb the music industry!’/’quote unquote records’
jason wachob interviews ‘gt dave’
person blogs re muumuu house
'mississippi review' enters 'limbo'
frederick barthelme creates twitter account
muumuu house publishes megan boyle
l.a. times reviews dennis cooper
the independent reviews lee rourke
bsg blogs re ‘twitter accounts’ re bee/bo
emily gould redesigns her tumblr
mallory coppenrath releases narwhal clothing
cover re ‘blake butler’s “there is no year”’ surfaces
ryu murakami plans to publish novel via ipad
twin sister’s andrea estella creates art blog
the quietus references ‘sfaa’ to ‘shit-talk’ uffie
dennis cooper follows noah cicero on twitter
alfie attempts to barter ‘benzos’ re ‘ad space’
powell’s interviews bret easton ellis
fishkind reviews ‘richard yates’
'usm' loses frederick barthelme
nick antosca wins ‘shirley jackson award’
publisher’s weekly covers ‘the rumpus book club’
thought catalog publishes ‘bsg’
portion of ‘index’ re ‘richard yates’ surfaces (‘unexpectedly,’ some are saying) on tumblr
person references ‘sfaa’ to shit-talk ‘thieves like us’
person says ‘quietly bleak’ re ‘sfaa’
andrea seigel creates contest re ‘kid table’
joe swanberg reveals 2x poster re 2x project
eric hynes interviews andrew bujalski
sfmoma posts my art (bottom)
my ‘french publisher’ tweets something about me
impose publishes article entitled ‘secret life of ken baumann, investor to minor publishing star(s)’
meaghan reveals ‘coming and crying’ ‘spread’
audun mortensen translates sam pink
htmlgiant reviews ‘richard yates’
time names hipster runoff a ‘best blog of 2010’
free ‘ry’ stickers surface on tumblr
erik stinson releases new book
'verse chorus' reissues stacey levine's 'frances johnson'
cnn posts bret easton ellis video
cinematalks interviews joe swanberg
'richard yates' causes people to cry
muumuu house publishes ‘three poems’ by bsg
bsg launches ‘fresh copy’
the rumpus creates ‘poetry book club’
ken baumann purchases $5k cd from ‘tao bank’
megan boyle posts blog post
christopher lynsey covers ‘bee’ ‘b&n’ reading
translation of review re audun mortensen yields ‘ruthless narcissism’ and ‘best best description’
molly young reviews ‘imperial bedrooms’
clb interviews lee rourke
binky experiences unexpected challenges during three-week vacation
serbian ‘eeeee eee eeee’ seems imminent
australian bro thinks i can achieve nirvana maybe
the rumpus creates 1-year subscriptions re ‘book club’ via ‘father’s day’
roggenbuck reviews bsg
kacper jarecki reads ‘eee’ to save libraries
muumuu house updates bsg’s amazon page
jordan castro releases 2x product
fishkind blogs re 8x book
annie werner reveals ‘personal lexicon’
independent references me via yann martel
thad reviews my ‘pilot books’ event
james yeh becomes ‘indie books’ editor re ‘the faster times’
computerization releases kitten song
spanish literary thing references my blog
'orange alert' releases poetry podcast
'drawn & quarterly' posts excerpt re 'wilson' by daniel clowes
'sweet' 'pic' of matthew stadler surfaces on facebook
blog post by me re facebook surfaces on ‘more intelligent life’
'action yes' publishes my poetry/comics
'pangur ban party' publishes chris killen's 'fan fiction about my cat'
espn references me
'the book bench' references meta-hamster
ryan manning remixes ‘friday night alone in the library reading nietzsche’
pop serial releases issue 1
kathy macleod releases ‘david kemp’
bsg reviews reviews of ‘shoplifting from american apparel’
bearcreekfeed publishes miles ross
kacper jarecki creates tumblr re ‘eeeee eee eeee: the movie’
vice interviews sam lipsyte
ink interviews clancy martin
person successfully reminds oneself to [kill oneself]
'counter force' publishes article about me
mal coppenrath creates blog
'love and squalor' reviews 'shoplifting from american apparel'
sam anderson reviews ‘reality hunger’
fanzine reviews ‘mean free path’
lesley arfin creates new blog
'top shelf' publishes 'undeleted scenes' by jeffrey brown
time publishes article re plan-it-x
metroland reviews ‘shoplifting from american apparel’
parisa reviews ‘i am happy that you are grappling with my lifechoices’
james yeh profiles zachary german
gammm translates my poetry to italian
sheila mcclear profiles zachary german
japanese ‘elle’ reviews japanese ‘eeeee eee eeee’
person notices himself in ‘shoplifting from american apparel’
kwls releases audio re joy williams
nytimes fashion blog mentions ‘shoplifting from american apparel’
ben mirov interviews justin taylor
'bomb the music industry!' releases new album
person publishes dream re ‘tao lin’
noah kalina appears in ‘super bowl commercial’
comix reviews sarah schneider
john madera reviews john haskell
guernica publishes matthew rohrer
ben rosamond publishes poetry on blog
daytrotter releases ‘yoni wolf’ mp3s
'something awful' creates 'tao lin'/'shoplifting from american apparel' thread
hikikomori ‘goes viral, to some degree’ on stumbleupon
'the mad conductor' releases ep
'shoplifting from american apparel' 'pic' 'goes viral, to some degree,' on tumblr
emily reviews ‘shoplifting from american apparel’
chris killen expresses anticipatory feelings re ‘richard yates’
david fishkind releases chapbook
people vote carles ‘hipster of the decade’
amy berkowitz creates press
vice publishes clancy martin
miles ross publishes ‘stuff that happened (to me) this decade’
pwrfl power releases ‘i am a confident woman’
'amateur porn' forum discusses me
skylight books recommends ‘shoplifting from american apparel’
nerve names ellen kennedy one of ‘the five sexiest writers of 2009’
david fishkind publishes essay on blog
wtfpwm publishes jordan castro
'american short fiction' blogs re joy williams
muumuu house publishes ‘i woke up in a hostel around 7am’
myspace blog interviews samiam
colin marshall interviews michael silverblatt
powell’s republishes ‘damning’ review re ‘shoplifting from american apparel’
'it's nice that' interviews me
'the stranger' auctions 'tao lin-related' items for charity
sarah schneider releases issue 1 re ‘bearfish’
'the 405' reviews 'shoplifting from american apparel'
adrian chen responds to craigslist listing entitled ‘published poet seeks work’
'a.v. club' interviews werner herzog
fantagraphics announces forthcoming stephen dixon book
'the rumpus' interviews chelsea martin
'hamburger-holding sasquatch' surfaces on shirt
'romantic rhetoric' reviews 'shoplifting from american apparel'
vice publishes miranda july photographs
bsg releases video entitled ‘ape eats asian bananas in taiwan’
ellen kennedy creates ‘a tumblr’
audun mortensen posts ‘press photo’
muumuu house publishes ‘~5000-word short-story’ by megan boyle
'the bullet' reviews 'shoplifting from american apparel'
ashley gates ‘sights’ james yeh on l train
'sfaa' reaches 'city lights' bestseller list
mta posts schopenhauer quote
noah cicero completes ‘proust questionnaire
method magazine interviews me
noah cicero reveals cover re ‘the insurgent’
patrick o’neill reviews ‘shoplifting from american apparel
john self reviews ‘shoplifting from american apparel’
john campbell releases full-length ‘pictures for sad children’ book
'paranormal activity' features 'sfaa' in a 'terrifying' cameo
sarah schneider posts ‘adventures of bearfish’
'if you make it' posts 13-minute 'hop along' song
3x australian discuss ‘shoplifting from american apparel’/’hipster runoff’
amazon reviewer suggests tao lin’s possible ‘next step’
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to promote awareness of the novel Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke, every order from the Muumuu House store in January will include a free used or new paperback copy of Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke

to promote awareness of the novel Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke, every order from the Muumuu House store in January will include a free used or new paperback copy of Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke

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this is the best list i will ever be on/the one i’m most excited about/the people who inspire me to keep writing/the people i will read every book by/etc.

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