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"Woody Allen often daydreams about being buried alive and being exposed to other dangerous and tragic situations. Woody Allen thinks he could survive a hurricane, plane crash, flood, tornado, killing rampage, or even a zombie attack. Woody Allen still isn’t sure if he could survive being buried alive but the more he thinks about it the more he thinks that maybe he could. Woody Allen thinks that lonely people are better at escaping. Woody Allen thinks, “When most people who have many friends and close relationships with their families are put in a tragic situation, such as being buried alive, they think “i will be okay, someone will find me and rescue me,” They depend on others to help them, to be “heroes”. Lonely people know that one cannot depend on anyone to help them. They don’t understand the concept of “heroes”. Lonely people are calm. They can also hide well. Being calm and good at hiding is essential in survival.”"
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"stop staring at me
my body is so small compared to the sun
my heart is so small"
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"After I make you cry one of my organs melts into a runny paste that trickles down the inside of my body and collects at the bottom of my feet."
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i don’t want to hate the president

i don’t want to go to harvard

i don’t want to win the pulitzer prize

i just want to sit in my bathtub

and think about relationships i will never have

with people i will never meet

and then go lay in my bed

with a magnifying glass

and count all the stiches in my sheets

until i fall asleep

and wake up

to repeat again.

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"Refrains of longing and missed connection echo throughout Kennedy’s debut poetry collection, and they reflect a daily life that can change from deeply ambivalent to intensely sexual to wistfully melancholic quickly, unexpectedly, upsettingly. Love – lost, yearned for, unexplained – is a central theme."
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"I wish my life consisted only of
riding my bike with you
down a giant hill that never stopped
while listening to music
with no one else around
in the middle of nothing,
except a few shiny and relaxing lights above in the sky
like stars but a little brighter
and more orange"
Ellen Kennedy, “Orange” (via colindrohan)
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