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"It felt to me like the situation had already happened and I was being sent back to review what I’d missed, but I couldn’t figure out what I’d missed."
Sam Pink, Hurt Others

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"After I returned from Venice I found a letter from Csokor in which he informed me that the P.E.N. club had just elected me a member! Unanimously! By ballot! Now I had a real mess. As with every other association in the world, I had no desire, naturally, to be a member of the P.E.N. club either. How to say this to the lovable old gentleman who wrote the Austrian national play 3 November 1918 without wounding him? I had nothing against the P.E.N. club fundamentally, even today I don’t really know what it is, but on no account did I wish to be a member, I had always hated associations and societies, and of course literary associations most of all. This is the reason I resigned from the so-called Darmstadt Acadamy which I’d never signed up for, and thirty years ago I also resigned from the Socialist Party, which I had actually signed up for not long before, I didn’t and don’t like parties and societies."
My Prizes by Thomas Bernhard
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"I was still chained to a truly pitiful caricature of myself and my bottomless existential despair, when the Literature Prize of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen came. It was not the prize itself that saved me from my emotional, indeed my existential catastrophe, it was the thought that the prize money of ten thousand marks would enable me to get my life under control, give it a radical new direction, make it possible again. The prize was announced, the amount of the prize was known to me already. I had the chance to do the most sensible thing with the money. It had always been my wish to have a house to myself, and even if not a proper house, at least walls around me within which I can do what I want, permit what I want, lock myself in if I want."
My Prizes by Thomas Bernhard
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"I write about things that are mysterious to me."
Ann Beattie, who was born in Washington, DC on this day in 1947

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Episode 308 — Michael Earl Craig →



Michael Earl Craig is the guest. His latest book, Talkativeness, is available now from Wave Books.

Publishers Weekly says

"Craig renders unsettling dreams and quotidian clutter with sparse language and a quiet, distant voice to conjure poems brimming with the bizarre. His…

MICHAEL EARL CRAIG, author or TALKATIVENESS, chats about his unusual routes to poetry and working as a farrier. 

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Collected Poems & Stories is now available to review on goodreads.comwill send mail if you write a review and email me your address to malwhit@gmail.com


Collected Poems & Stories is now available to review on goodreads.com

will send mail if you write a review and email me your address to malwhit@gmail.com


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"Matt took off his boxer briefs and looked at his stomach in the mirror. He turned and looked at his buttocks. He looked at his back and scratched at the blemish. He watched dead skin collect around the blemish. He swept away the dead skin with his finger. He faced the mirror and thought, “You’re here. Just have fun.”"
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