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"Matt took off his boxer briefs and looked at his stomach in the mirror. He turned and looked at his buttocks. He looked at his back and scratched at the blemish. He watched dead skin collect around the blemish. He swept away the dead skin with his finger. He faced the mirror and thought, “You’re here. Just have fun.”"
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Love in the Time of Xanax and Nokia | VICE United States →


Blake Butler writing in Vice re Matt Meets Vik out August 25

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Episode 303 — Tim O’Connell


Tim O’Connell is the guest. He is an editor at Vintage, Anchor, Knopf, and Pantheon.

Monologue topics: death, the old man who died, DMT, Tao Lin, Terence McKenna, psychedelic crocodiles who want to rape me, machine elves, fear.


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selling blue t-shirts, white and black totes designed by tao lin and printed by me

shirts $15, totes $10

limited supply

email westernbeefs@gmail.com if you want one

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tyrant books will be publishing my book, ‘LIVEBLOG,’ november 2015


tyrant books will be publishing my book, ‘LIVEBLOG,’ november 2015

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"Picture motherfuckers of all ages and body types filling up on that damn spaghetti"
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"I used to wear muumuus when I weighed 300 lbs, and it was great. They were the only thing that made my body feel free and real."
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